Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sunnyspop Is My New Crush

I have been to the monthly crafts market held by ":mother and baby club" it is an amazing event for the whole family; I was at the first one with my products and on the spot printing gifts and it was really amazing.

This month I had a really close friend having a party and couldn't miss the party so I skipped the craft show this month, but I couldn't resist visiting it and show support to my friend Nourhan (the brain behind the craft show and fun day) i wanted to show her some support and shop around the amazing crafters and artists in the show.

Sunnys pops was a stopper for me I was walking and it caught my eyes and I had to go back to check it really good; the table was fun colorful and vibrant, I fell in love with the idea of her colored flavored popcorn products.

Seriously I am sick of the candy buffet or candy dessert table it has been around in nearly every birthday I have been to and the idea have been killed in all parties.

Now for me the pop corn idea is fresh, new and really tasty I just started tasting the samples Sunny offered me (by the way Sunny is a lovely lady from Texas who has a daughter who looks like her younger sister) and mashaallah they are gorgeous together.

The amazing sunny behind the sunnyspop

And here is Mackenzie the daugther in yesterdays' event

Before I know it I bought lots of the flavors I liked and asked her if I can feature her on my blog to show her new idea to my reader and completely for free, she was sooo happy. I know how felt I told her that I didn't find anyone to help me when I started my business and thus I know how much new entrepreneur wishes for a chance to grow and have someone to support.

I really was happy she was thrilled about the blog post idea and it ended up that she gave me a free pack of mix candy pops (so I guess the post isn't free after all LOL).

Some of the goodness i got to try

That's me and don't ask about the shades LOL

I know i talked to much but I hope you like her work and appreciate it because it is very good and creative

Now if you have your kids party you know what to do wink wink  :)

I will leave you with some pix of the lovely work sunny has done and don't forget to check her on social media
FB: sunnyspopme 
Instagram: @sunnyspop

pop corn for desserts table

apple candy desserts table

cute pop corn for birthday desserts table

Sunday, March 23, 2014

GREEK Salad Love

One of my favorite salads by all means, it is mostly on my weekly meals and I just can eat it for lunch and am satisfied.

I have been doing it with the regular creamy feta cheese that comes processed in the super market but I was lucky to find a new brand in Dubai; while I was in the "Ripe Market" in safa park last week, the company producing it had a booth to promote their new feta cheese and oooh my this is the real this I loved it.
By the way  (feta cheese is called in Egypt old stored white cheese khazeen cheese as we call it), the feta cheese is the Greek name, and this one is recipe using the feta cheese is  a winner recipe very easy with some touches from my side I Don't stick to the original recipe I like mine more.


Feta cheese you can either choose the one here in the pic or the regular white or feta processed cheese both are lovely and have different flavors so choose what is near to your taste

Half the pack feta cheese (either any brand)
1/2 pack Cherry Tomato cut in halves (you can use normal tomato and cut in big chunks)
2 medium cucumbers 
2 medium capsicum green pepper
1 medium onion
black olives sliced (you can get it ready sliced from the super market near the fresh cheese fridge or as this one in the pic (as much as you like it )

The Dressing :

1 teaspoon honey
2 teaspoon mustered 
2 tables spoon olive oil 
salt pepper and oregano to taste 

Step One:

Not much to do just cut up the veggies big chunks for the cucumber and the green pepper and slice the onions 

Step Two:

Mix the dressing ingredients together until well combined

Step Three:

Put the veggies in a salad bowl or plate drizzle the dressing and toss it all around until well coated with the dressing 

Step Four:

Cut the feta cheese into small cubes and place it on top of the veggies and then sprinkle with little oregano and indulge as Malika says yummy yummy in my tummy looool

Hope you liked the recipe and would try it soon
adios pretties xoxox

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Oven grilled Cilantro fish and potatoes

Fish and chips is not even a recognized term in My country EGYPT this is how we eat our fish most of the time either charcoal grilled oven grilles or fried.

This recipe is an all times favorite for me i love the combination of the White Mi=ollet fish with potatoes with the cilantro cumin garlic marination. 
This is easy delicous and really healthy and light, we only going to use 2 olive or vegitable oil here (i like to add more to get my potatoes crisp with a bit burned edges ) yup that is how i like it.
First you need to get your hands on fresh fish i get mine early morning from carrfour or Almaya supermarket haven't tried the union co op yet but will do soon inshhaallah
ask the fishery guy to clean it good inside and outside and then you are set to start.

Ingredients are simple

2 White mullet fish 
cilantro leaves
fresh garlic (the more you use the better the recipe taste i used here around 8-10 cloves)
1 full tea spoon cumin powder
2 table spoon olive oil
1/4 cup water

Step One:

Wash the cilantro peel the garlic and place them in a pestel and mold and press them together very good add along salt pepper and the cumin 

I got mine wood because i can't stand the noise coming from the metal one 
here is how the mix looks after will pressed

Step Two:

Wash and peel the potatoes and cut it into cirles not too thick to cook entirly and not too think to burn before the fish is done.

layer the potatoes in your baking dish andmix it good with some of the cilantro garlic mix

Step Three:

Bring the fish and make insisions in the surface from bowth sides and fill it with the cilantro mixture and also inside the fish tummy like the pic below.

Place the fish over the potatoes layer drizzle it with the oilve and the 1/4 cup of water.

Step Four:

Cover the baking dish with aluminum foil and make some small holes with a fork or a knife and place in oven on medium heat let's say 170 c for about 20-25 minutes untill the water is absorbed and the potatoes tender test it witha fork.

Remove the foil and leave it for another 5 minutes and you can also open the broiler from top. and that's it.

The pictures didn't come out as beautiful as the dish and those fishy eyes in the pix gives me the creeps ahahhaha.

really really an easy tasty dish that i am sure you will love and you can have with bread or white rice, we usually eat this with a rice called sayadeya but this is a recipe for another day.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Easy & Light Chocolate Cinnamon Cake pops

cinnamon cake pops chocolate easy and light yummy

Cake pops is one fun way to bake with your kids and amazingly on demand in kids parties besides it looks pretty and add a kick to your desserts table.

This recipe is sooo easy that you feel you want to make everyday, i first tried it at my friends house when i was in alexandria last year i poped up to visit her and i wanted something sweets and voila she got this out of the fridge and i was in awww.

Most cakeposps requires frosting to make it easy to shape and add to the taste and it is a bit heavy but with this recoipe we use sugar syrup instead of the frosting it is easier to make and a lot lighter than the butter sugar mixture for frosting. (this is the same i use with konafa and katayef for  ramadan desserts ).

Cake Pops Ingredients: 
1 Box ready made chocolate cake mix (i used betty crockers)
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup water
1 full tea spoon cinnamon powder
Sugar strands for coating 

lets have fun :

Step One:

get your Betty Crocker ready cake mix and bake it according to the instructions at the back of the box. g  after it is done get it out and let it cool.

Step Two:
while the cake is baking start working on your sugar syrup it is easy add the water and the sugar to a small pan put on medium high heat until it boils, dissolve the cinnamon powder in syrup and let it boil for 5 minutes then turn off the heat.

This is how it looks after if finished a sweet cinnamony smooth sugar syrup.

Step Three:

After the cake cooled get a fork and start crumble the cake with the fork untill it is all breaked up, then add the sugar syrup to the crumbled cake like the pic below.

Step Four:

Now you need to use your hands here mix very well the cake with the syrup until all the cake crumbs absorbs the syrup and form a big ball like the pic below.

cake pops mixture with cinnamon sugar syrup

Step Five:

It is time to play you now need to form small balls (here you can have your kidz to mess up and have some play and mommy kiddoz time together) balls can be any size up o your liking but i like it small like 2.5 to 3 cm balls. this recipe yields about 50 pops which is enough for a small party i guess. if you want more double up the cake and the sugar syrup.

chocolate cinnamon cake pops in the making how yummy is that

Step Six:

Now all you need is to coat this little cuties you can choose a chocolate coating but I find it fun to do do with the kidz and more colorful to use sugar strands, I used this one in the pic but you can choose and colors combination you like or that fits perfectly with your party color scheme.
This can be more yummy if you add fine crushed roasted hazelnuts to the coating or inside the dough oooooh I didn't have much in hands but if you have hazelnuts and no one has allergies please do try it with the roasted hazelnuts it makes a huge difference in the taste 

Just start roll your pops in the sugar strands until coated all over and voila you are done.

So since we didn't use frosting which have butter these pops wont harden enough to hold pop sticks like regular pops so i put it in mini cupcake cups for presentation. so how cute is that.

chocolate cinnamon cake pops easy and light a must try

Love From Pretty Scraps